lauantai 25. syyskuuta 2010


So, I've been hanging out with these great girls from my class (our class has only two other blokes, the rest are sheilas lol)and we have talked literally about everything. Even some darker things, though we have known only for a week or so. And about all sort of girly stuff and all --

Today, while getting some coffee from a café, I had a conversation with Sara, who might be a little crush of mine.

Me: You girls are so open and all with me, it's really great, you know.
Sara: Yeah, you're not like the other guys in our school at all. We all like you so much!
Me: WHAT RLY? *getting all flustered*
Sara: You're like a brother to all of us! =)
My face:

A brother... man, there goes my chances. Love you, Finnish girls!

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