sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010


I just wanted to show my cats because I don't have anything better to do lol. I have noticed that every nerd and their grandmother have cats. I wonder why, they are sort of dicks.

Here's Ellis! He's only a few months old and obnoxious as hell.
He usually sleeps on my pillow, on the top of my head and purrs loudly all the night.
His favourite sport is to annoy the hell outta Nick, who ends up chasing him under my bed or such.

And this fellow is Nick, AKA Spy.
He likes to be alone and hardly shows any affection, but we all know that he's a big softie inside.
We call him Spy because he has awesome cloaking device... he has the ability to hide in the weirdest places.
He usually just beats Ellis around but sometimes they cuddle together. Fags.

So, do you guys have cats?


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  1. cool!suppin bro :)
    check both my blogs are interesting! ;)

  2. supportin.

  3. i'm sry i'm following a list of link and i post part of that daily so that's as i said when i started the blog :"it will require 2-3 days to be added on the list" i'm sry 4 that :S

  4. I have a cat that looks like ellis! :D

  5. ...every nerd and their grandmother have cats. I wonder why, they are sort of dicks.

    Lol, so true, I might even own one if I wasn't so allergic!

  6. I like cats one day a week, Caturday. :P

  7. Interesting!

    Support And follow u!

  8. Oh they're so cute!

  9. love cats, have 2 :) big and small one :P

  10. Not a big fan of cats...Allergic :(

    Regardless still supportin :)

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  12. My heart just exploded by those adorable cats!