sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010

These Sundays will be the end of me------

Quite so. My big brother Sniper busted home FAR TOO EARLY for my tastes because he thinks I shouldn't sleep if he's awake. So, he woke me up so I could make him some risotto and talk about clouds.
Yes. Clouds.
As an army sniper, Sniper thinks that things that are vital to his survival in the wilderness - like CLOUD FORMATIONS and how fast a bullet can go are also a great things to talk about with your little sister. He has also filled our little apartment with magazines meant for snipers.
The day he brings his rifle here I'm going to shed a few tears.

I'm happy that he has been doing well in the army and he's respected as a soldier and a sniper but come on, I bet we could talk about something else than marching styles and cumulus clouds.

Also his girlfriend doesn't speak Australian and gets all confused when she talks to me lol

/end whine about my big brother

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  6. awww =D he's going through that stage though =] just wants people to look and pay attention ^-^ <3

  7. I wish I had a sniper for a brother.